Livelihood and Recovery

VSF elected to respond to the urgent need to promote community recovery and stability by facilitating the restoration of livelihood. The livelihood and recovery strategy is a conceptual shift from dependence on humanitarian aid and charity to self-reliance.

This strategy was developed to contribute to improving the quality of life of victims of insurgency. The programme has two major components: The Women Economic Empowerment Project and Agro-based Intervention.

The Women Economic Empowerment is designed to develop and assist small scale enterprises through cash support and capacity building for the restoration of economic activities for women victims in conflict affected communities. This is through the provision of capital for the businesses while promoting the culture of savings and loans among women in the communities.

The Agro-based Intervention aims to guarantee medium to long term food security and livelihood for beneficiaries in the North East by granting access to agricultural inputs and machinery for small holder farmers as well as through livestock farming.